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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

يريدونني ملحدا !

تلقيت عرضا للعمل في صحيفة فرنسية عن مصر
هذا نص البريد الإلكتروني
Hi, I saw your Blog, and also a sample of caricatures you made, someoneshown me at OTV channel. Unfortunately I cannot read arabic, but theytranslated a bit to me.I m journalist at, Cairo edition. This is a frenchnewspaper about Egypt : politic, society, culture, art, interviews...We are looking for someone to draw caricatures to add to articlesthey might need this.Are you interested in a collaboration with us ? If yes, contact me by mail
soon.Best regards

بالطبع هو شيء يدعو للفخر ، وقد قبلت العرض فورا ودون تردد وانتظرت المكالمة الهاتفية بخصوص تفاصيل العرض ، ثم فوجئت بهذه الرسالة اليوم

Hi Ashraf,
I had a look to your last caricatures on your blog, and, in the end, I do not think it can match with an objective newspaper. First of all, you named yourself as an egyptian muslim cartoonist. Why not, but our newspaper is free of any tag, political, religious... Second, about Lars Vilks, basically, I think it was his right to draw a caricature about the Prophet, as you use the right as well to draw people taking the risk to make them upset. Me, I think, that, this is the danish newspaper which made a mistake by ignorance, publishing something can hurt muslim people. But in the end, the freedom of expression exists, and we cannot deny it. The thing is, in France, we think that we can laugh about everything, even god, and you do not ignore i think that most of us are atheists. But I know perfectly how on Egypt there is no way for most of people to laugh about this, and I respect this, bt I work for a french newspaper, about Egypt, that is why we never give our opinion, but still we write with distance. Anyway, I think your opinions are a too straights somehow to cooperate to this newspaper Sorry, I prefer to be clear with you. It doesn't affect my opinion that your way to draw is good.
Best Regards,

حسنا .. بالرغم من اعتراض البعض على رسومي باعتبارها تبدو لهم منحلة لأنني ربما أرسم شيئا جريئا أو رسما لفتاة خليعة بما تفرضه علي الفكرة الجيدة أو التي أراها جيدة من وجهة نظري ، فإن هذا الصحفي يراني متشددا وعنصريا ولا أؤمن بحرية الرأي والتعبير ويتهمني بأنني قد لقبت نفسي في كاريكاتيرات لارس فيلكس برسام الكاريكاتير المسلم المصري .

ولا أنكر أن اسلوبه مهذب للغاية وأنا أحترم أسلوبه وان كنت لا أحترم رأيه
هل لابد لي وأن أكون ملحدا كي أحظى بشرف العمل بجريدة فرنسية ؟
هو سؤال خطر لي ويستحق التفكير من منطلق : هم عاوزين مننا ايه بالظبط ؟

هل الإلحاد الآن قد أصبح عنصرا من عناصر الرقي والتقدم ؟
لم أرد على هذا الخطاب .. ولعل الصحفي الفرنسي يتابع مدونتي وسيجد من يترجم له هذا الكلام
ولكنني لن أتشرف أبدا بالعمل في جريدته
مع خالص إحترامي وتقديري

" حاجة تفقع والله يا جدع"

Monday, October 22, 2007


يوم السبت الماضي كان عيدي ميلادي الخامس والعشرين
تأبيدة يعني :)
لم يكن هناك مجالا لتذكره فضلا عن الاحتفال به .. ياللا
كل سنة وأنا طيب

أعتذر عن تأخرى في إضافة تدوينات جديدة الفترة الماضية نظرا لإنشغالي بمشروع جديد سأعرضه عليكم قريبا وسيكون مفاجأة بكل المقاييس :) اتنمي ان يكون مفاجأة سارة
في انتظار دعمكم لي

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

شكرا للفنان فاروق حسني

أخبرتني المدونة والصديقة العزيزة عليا حليم بأنها شاهدة حلقة أذيعة قريبا من برنامج حالة حوار والذي كان يستضيف وزير الثقافة الفنان فاروق حسني وقالت انها سمعته يقول عني أنني واحدا من الرسامين الشباب المتميزين ! وللأسف لم تكن تتابع للحوار منذ البداية ، فلم تعرف لي كيف جاءت هذه الجملة في سياق الحديث مع وزير الثقافة , ولكنني بالفعل عاجز عن الشكر والامتننان . ( سواء لعليا ، أو لسيادة وزير الثقافة بالطبع )
أتمنى ممن شاهدوا هذه الحلقة أن يخبرني بما قيل بالضبط وفي اي سياق جاءت هذه العبارة .
وفي كل الآحوال لا أخفي سعادتي بهذا التكريم الذي لم أحظي بمثله طوال حياتي .

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

spare a dime

دعكم من لارس وما سببه من حرق دم واعصاب وأشياء أخرى ..
انها واحدة من أروع الأغاني التي سمعتها في حياتي .. لذا كان هذا سببا كافيا كي أفسدها بصوتي من خلال توزيع عصري جديد ..
وبغض النظر عن مواهبي الموسيقية .. أتمنى ان تنال الكلمات اعجابكم
Once I built a railroad,
made it run
Made it race against time
Once I built a railroad,
now its done
Brother can you spare a dime?
Once I built a tower to the sun
Brick and rivet and lime
Once I built a tower,
now its done
Brother can you spare a dime?
Once in khaki suits
Gee, we looked swell
Full of that yankee doodle de dum
Half a million boots went slogging through hell
I was the kid with the drum
Say dont you remember,
they called me al
It was al all the time
Say dont you remember,
Im your pal!
Buddy can you spare a dime?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Holocaust and freedom

Dear Ashraf, Many thanks for your answers and the discussion. You know, many people in Sweden wants to listen to Muslims discussing these matters in proper language. But it is also so than many Swedes mean that the Muslims are not capable of handling a discussion but will just come up with f-words and threats. I believe that things can be much better when we use debate and other democratic means. Yesterday 200 young Muslims made a demonstration in a Swedish city asking for their rights not to be insulted. I think that is good. Bring it out, make the different opinions clear and see what can be done. Here is my answers to your letter:

"You can make caricatures of Bush, Israel, Jesus, Jewish religion but not on Islam."
What do you mean by "YOU" ? No man, i can't make a cricature of Jesus or Jewish religion, we respect all prophets, and such drawings are completely forbidden in Islam.

You are right. This “you” means only certain regions and in most part ofthe western world.

"In Sweden there is no law against blasphemy but still we have a problem."

Your problem with blasphemy is completely yours, our religion must not be involved, i don't have to pee on your grave to solve my problem with freedom in my country, or you'll let me do this with a friendly smile? do you ?

Well, here we have a problem as we have Islam and Muslims in Sweden and many other countries where blasphemy is allowed. Here we can criticize and question religions. Why should there be an exception for Islam? For atheists it is natural to question all forms of religion saying that this is nothing but superstition. That must be possible according to our point of view. It is different with peeing on a specific person’s grave. To do that you need some very special reason. A grave and a buried person is not holy but a private affair.

"Religion is private and should be totally separated from politics"
how come? drawing our prophet as a dog and still want this matter to be separated from politics ? you insulted NATIONS not only a person, and who gave you the right to insult religions? your unlimited freedom?

The thing is of course that religion should not influence political decisions. It is not needed to go to the Koran to find a motivation for a law. The Koran is holy only for private purposes. The right to insult religions come from freedom of expression. Now we have a long tradition of criticising Christianity. A couple of years ago an exhibition with photos by an artist were shown in a Swedish cathedral. The photos showed Jesus as a homosexual surrounded by transvestites and bondage people. The exhibition was supported by the Arch Bishop. There were many reactions but the general opinion was in favour of it.

your "Conceptual" artpiece is nothing to make me feel down :) and if you really want to creat an "artpiece" send me a cartoon by you about holocaust . do you dare ? can you say that Holocaust is a very big lie ?

In many countries you can publish material saying that the holocaust is a lie. But it will be a strange message as we have so many facts about what was going on in Germany. We consider it a fact the millions of Jews were killed. So, if you make a cartoon denying the holocaust you must have something to come up with. A reasonable doubt.

A religion is not a fact. The prophet being holy is not a fact but an opinion among believers.

Do it Mr. Lars at least to show us that you are really believe in freedom of expression you are talking about , that's my only demand from you.

and i'm the one who asking you this time: IS IT POSSIBLE ? ;)

I can do that, but it will not have any effect. If I am doing it only to prove it can be done then it will be too easy to understand the purpose. What I cannot do is to make some cartoons doubting the holocaust where I at the same time should believe that it didn’t take place. Because it, as I said, is a fact.
Best wishes Lars